Monday, October 8, 2018

Sox Skipper Alex Cora Calls Out ERod For Not Owning Up To Lack Of Hustle

(AP Photo)
Red Sox manager Alex Cora called out Boston pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez yesterday for not taking responsibility for a botched play in Saturday's 6-2 loss to The Evil Ones. ERod failed to break toward first in time to cover the bag on an eventual hit by Aaron Judge. The lefty then told the media that he had "slipped" on the mound and couldn't get to the bag on time, "I just slipped on the mound and when I realized he was beating me already, I just let him get to the base." Said Cora, "I just talked to him and told him just be accountable. That's it. I guess he told you guys he slipped or something like that. I'm like, 'Man, if you don't break right away, just be accountable. That's all we ask.' And he's like, 'Yeah, my fault. I just didn't break. That's it.' Hey, I get it. Next time just bust your ass to first base. That's all you've got to do." Indeed, Mr. Cora, sir.