Friday, October 19, 2018

MLB Announces Start Times For All Seven Potential World Series Games

Major League Baseball has announced the starting times for all seven potential 2018 World Series Games. Here is the information (all times are Eastern, all game are on FOX network):

GAME ONE, Tuesday, Oct. 23—Fenway Park: 8:09 PM
GAME TWO, Wednesday, Oct. 24—Fenway Park: 8:09 PM
GAME THREE, Friday, Oct. 26—NL Park: 8:09 PM
GAME FOUR, Saturday, Oct. 27—NL Park: 8:09 PM
GAME FIVE, Sunday, Oct. 28—NL Park: 8:15 PM
GAME SIX, Tuesday, Oct. 30—Fenway Park: 8:09 PM
GAME SEVEN, Wednesday, Oct. 31 (Halloween)—Fenway Park: 8:09 PM