Friday, October 26, 2018

Manny Machado Adds To His Future Yankee Resume: Blatant Sign-Stealing

(Getty Images)
We know you don't need any more reasons to despise LA's Manny Machado—you've already got the Dustin Pedroia spikes-high take-out slide, multiple dirty plays in the NLCS, and his general snarky attitude. Well, here's another qualification that his future employer Brian Cashman will love: blatant sign-stealing in the World Series. According to Red Sox pitching coach Dana LeVangie, Machado was doing his thieving during Game Two of The Fall Classic. In the fourth inning—with two runners on base— Machado (on second base) allegedly flashed signs to both Kiki Hernandez and Yasiel Puig. Puig then put the Dodgers ahead with a single. Said  LeVangie, "I wish I would have gone out there before the Puig at-bat, before he came up in that situation, because I saw the whole thing. Was it a little exaggerated? Yeah, maybe, but I saw the whole thing. I had a clear point I wanted to (make) after that at-bat because I saw Manny the entire time. I knew what he was doing." So, rest assured that your vilification of Machado is completely justified. Sure sign-stealing is not illegal (per se), but it fits perfectly with his weasel-like character. See you next year in the Bronx, Manny baby—you'll fit right in!