Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Here's One Way For Americans To Love Boston: Just Play A Team From LA

All of us in the Greater Boston area have become used to being vilified by the rest of America—we've just been copping too many sports championships in the last two decades. We used to be lovable losers, now we're hated winners. But apparently there's no better solution to this problem than facing-off against an opponent from the Left Coast. According to a social media analysis by, TWITTER support for the Red Sox is outpacing support for the Dodgers by a whopping margin—39,500 tweets for the Sox, 650 for LA. That's 98.4% support for The Carmine Hose. In fact, the only states that support The Denizens Of Chavez Ravine are California, Nevada, Hawaii and Delaware. Geez, what the heck did we ever do to Delaware? Anyway, it's clear that there's a "Red Wave" crashing across America—and Boston is the beneficiary.