Thursday, October 11, 2018

"He Hate Us"—Red Sox Tabbed As "Least-Likable" Of The MLB's Final Four

Not surprisingly, one baseball writer is ranking the Red Sox as the "least-likable" of the remaining four teams in the "tournament" (thank you again, Bill Parcells) for a World Series title. TheComeback.Com's Sean Keeley claims that our three World Series titles in the last fifteen years put us on par with the Yankees (or at least how they used to be), the Cowboys (again, in the past) and Duke (forever). The Astros are placed as the next "least-likable"—since they won it all last year and picked up a domestic abuser as their new closer. The Denizens Of Chavez Ravine come in third on the list, not for any particular reason except that they're—well—the Dodgers. And, of course, the new darlings of  Major League Baseball (the Milwaukee Brewers) are at the bottom of the "least-likable" scale. Oh well, we already have this experience with the Patriots, so we're fine.