Sunday, October 28, 2018

David Price And The Red Sox Have A Chance To Fly Home As World Champs

Your 2018 Boston Red Sox can close out the 114th World Series tonight—and take a leisurely six-hour flight back home with the franchise's ninth ring. David Price—who won Game Two, appeared in relief in The Longest World Series Game In History and warmed up twice last night—will start for Boston in Game Five. The 'cover story' is that it will be easier for Price to deal with a National League lineup in a Senior Circuit park. Bull. It's all about the Red Sox having no idea how healthy Chris Sale is—or more precisely, how effective he'd be in a Game Five. That is a problem—and could have potential impact down the road if the series returns to Boston. This is the game—the Red Sox need to crush this Dodger team tonight in their own 'safe space'. Get it done!