Thursday, October 4, 2018

'WE WANT BOSTON!' Bronx Cheer Rattles Through Concrete Bunker On 161st

The notoriously fair-weather fans of The Bronx Embalmers waited until very late in last night's Wild Card tilt to throat their ALDS challenge 250 miles to the north. The roughly 50,000 "strong" bellowed: 'WE WANT BOSTON!' in their best front-runner voices. If we are correct, this is the very first Red Sox-Yankee post-season match-up that does not lead directly to a berth in the World Series. All previous contests have been either in the ALCS or in a one-game (1978) or two-game (1949) playoff. So, now, the hoped-for "Clash Of The 2018 Titans" finally arrives. Truth be told, these are two pretty evenly-matched ball-clubs—and the ALDS will likely come down to pitching (both starting and relieving). Boston has a definite weakness on the latter, but their starters (if healthy and performing to form) should be enough to snuff out the bats of The Pinstriped Posers. The Oakland A's were a nice appetizer—now the Yankees have to try to eat at the banquet table that is the 2018 Red Sox. It all starts Friday night at 7:32 PM Eastern. Bring it on!