Tuesday, September 11, 2018

"Youk" Brings Two Of His Top Beer Brands To New England Via Harpoon

Former Red Sox star Kevin Youkilis, who co-founded California's Loma Brewing Company, is introducing two of his beer brands into New England. The two contract brews will be made available through a partnership with Boston-based Harpoon Brewery. This Fall, the aptly-named 'Greek God of Hops Double IPA' along with 'Appeasement IPA', will be available to consumers in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Said Youk, "Bringing Loma Brewing Company beers to Boston has always been a dream of mine and I’m thankful to the folks at Harpoon Brewery for helping us make this happen. Boston is an incredible city with a great taste for beer. I’m thrilled to bring home a taste of the Golden State to help celebrate everything this city has to offer." Stated Dan Kenary, CEO and co-founder of Harpoon Brewery. "Since leaving Boston, Kevin has remained a great friend of the Brewery’s and we’ve enjoyed watching Loma Brewing Company flourish from afar these past few years. I have no doubt Boston beer drinkers will welcome both to our thriving beer scene." Over nine seasons with the Red Sox, Youkilis hit .287—with a characteristically-high .388 on-base percentage.