Friday, September 21, 2018

Sit Back, Relax, And Watch Tzu-Wei Lin Rake For The Red Sox Until October

Enjoy it, Nation! This is your time—your season to gloat. These next nine games are the equivalent of when you find that $10 bill in your old jeans jacket or when you find out that you forgot you had a 30%-off coupon on your CVS card and your whole monthly purchase of Fritos only sets you back two bucks. You know, it's gravy time, folks. Who cares if Tzu-Wei Lin plays shortstop the next nine games—hell, put him in center-field again for all we care? It's glide-path time. Now, we can simply watch The Evil Ones struggle—liked so many beached whales—to beat out the Oakland A's (the Oakland damn A's) for Wild Card 'supremacy' in the American League. Hopefully, we will see that same look of bewilderment many times on the face of Yankee "closer"Aroldis Chapman as we did when Mookie Betts took him deep last night. This is schadenfreude squared. Aaron Boone this. Very few times in your Red Sox fandom existence will you have so little pressure on you. We earned it, now enjoy!