Thursday, September 13, 2018

Red Sox Set To Pay $11.3 Million Luxury Tax On 2018 Payroll Of $238 Million

Only the Red Sox and Washington Nationals are on pace to pay MLB's luxury tax for 2018. Luxury tax payrolls are defined as "the average annual values of contracts of all players on 40-man rosters", and also include player benefits. The Red Sox will likely have a 2018 payroll of at least $238.4 million—resulting in a luxury tax payment of around $11.3 million. Washington's luxury tax payroll came in second at an estimated $203.9 million. This puts the projected tax for the Nationals at $2.1 million. At least the Red Sox will be making the post-season for all of their cash outlays—while the Nationals seem destined to miss a trip to October baseball (which, on the bright side, means they won't choke again in the first round of the playoffs). Amazingly, The Evil Ones will likely avoid a luxury tax penalty for the first time since the tax was imposed in 2003. In addition to The Bronx Embalmers, other teams that counter-intuitively will not be making luxury tax payments this year are: the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Francisco Giants.