Monday, September 17, 2018

Red Sox And Yankees Will Swap Booth Announcers For One Inning Tuesday

Attention Boston fans: during the fourth inning of Tuesday afternoon's radio broadcast of the Yankee-Red Sox game, team announcers will switch booths! So, if you hear Yankee announcer John Sterling call out this: "It's an X-Bomb From The X-Man", don't panic. It's a home-run by Red Sox shortstop Xander Bogaerts. Similarly, if Red Sox announcer Joe Castiglione bellows out, "Giancarlo goes deep...can you believe it?", it's OK (sort of)—just a tater by Giancarlo Stanton. Interestingly, Castiglione grew up in New Haven, Connecticut and attended many games at the old Yankee Stadium (which actually had some character, unlike the mausoleum that's there today). Castig actually dreamt of calling Yankee games someday. Anyway, all this confusion is a gimmicky way to pretend that everything is just hunky-dory between the two long-time rivals. Rest assured—it is not.