Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Newest Outrage From The New Ownership Group (NOG)—Sprinkles!!????!!

In recent months, we have slightly tempered our usual criticism of the NOG (the Red Sox 'New Ownership Group'). After all, the 2018 squad is about to capture their third straight American League East title (never before done in franchise history). So, it's a little easier to ignore the many annoying aspects of the John Henry regime (political correctness to a fault, cramped seating, obstructions, kale) Then, something else came up. At a recent game, we sauntered over to a Fenway Park concession stand to get some ice cream. Since we are about as "stick-in-the-mud" as is possible for any human being to be, we ordered a vanilla cone—with jimmies. So far, so good. Then, as we looked up at the menu board, we saw the popular chocolate topping listed as "sprinkles"SPRINKLES! You know, the disgusting term they use in un-cultured parts of the country (like New York City). How can a Boston institution like Fenway Park use a term that is anathema to every self-respecting New England resident? It's unconscionable! The next time I purchase ice cream at this stand, it had better read "jimmies", or there's going to be some explaining to do.