Sunday, September 16, 2018

If The Baseball Gods Allow, Sox Will Need Just One Win In Six Empire Tilts

If things in the Universe go as they should, the Red Sox will win today while The Evil Ones fall again to Toronto. That would reduce the Magic Number to clinch the American League East down to two. What that means is that Boston would need just one win in the upcoming six tilts with The Bronx Embalmers to lock up their third straight division title—and fourth in the last six years (not even counting the games against Tito's Tribe and the pathetic Orioles). Potentially, Boston could wrap it up on Tuesday afternoon. Resting key players in the balance of the series at The Concrete Bunker At 161st Street would seriously tick off The Steinbrenner Brood who run the villainous franchise in the Bronx. How cool would that be? Coasting into the post-season keeping Chris Sale, J.D. Martinez and Mookie Betts fresh—while The Pinstriped Posers battle to the bitter end to beat out Oakland for the top Wild Card spot—would add to the sweet schadenfreude. O, Baseball Gods, hear our entreaties!