Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Another Reason Why The Boston Area Is The Greatest Place On Earth To Live

Thornton And Young Fan In 2010 (FN Photo)
We here at FenwayNation are extremely proud to be based here in Boston—the greatest city in America (by far). Another reminder of how amazing this city's people are was demonstrated in an press notification we got today from the great folks at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. In it, they celebrated the fact that the 2018 WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon raised more than $4.4 million in just 36 hours. But even more special was a listing of the top individual contributors. On the list was a $25,000 gift from the Shawn Thornton Foundation. Shawn Thornton was a player for the Boston Bruins hockey team—and has long been involved in helping various charities across the Greater Boston community. During his seven-year stay in Boston, Thornton won a Stanley Cup, and was beloved by Bruins fans (partly because he was a tough "enforcer" on the ice). The fact that—even after departing to play elsewhere—he stayed connected to Boston says a lot about the city and its professional athletes. It's something that might have gone under the radar—but we thought that story should be told. Thank you Jimmy Fund and thank you, Shawn!