Monday, August 27, 2018

POLL: Nearly Four In Ten Are Already Panicked Over Recent Red Sox Swoon

Early voting in our latest FenwayNation Poll shows that nearly four readers in ten (38%) say they are already panicked about the recent Red Sox slip in the standings. Over the last three days, Boston has dropped 3.5 games of its lead over The Bronx Embalmers. As the chart shows, 22% say they will panic when Boston's lead over The Evil Ones drops down to three games. Just under one in ten (9%) would panic at four-game edge, while 7% would wig out if the lead gets down to five—which it could very soon. Lower percentages would panic at two- or one-game leads (3% and 2%, respectively). Interestingly, 8% would only panic when the Yankees actually catch the Red Sox in the standings, while 11% say they will never panic. You can still vote in the poll HERE.