Monday, August 20, 2018

Don't Start Celebrating Just Yet—As 'Tito's Tribe' Comes Into Town For Four

As ridiculously good as the Red Sox are playing, one hiccup yesterday resulted in a full game being shaved off their lead. Sure, 9.5 games is a big margin to work with—but there is a lot of season left, including six more tilts with The Evil Ones. With the most dangerous team in the American League (Tito's Tribe) coming to town for four games, and the Yankees (despite their injuries) seemingly incapable of losing, things could change very quickly in the division. Most of the Red Sox media seem to be handing The Carmine Hose the AL East title on a silver platter—it's a fool's errand. Those of us who are old enough have seen bigger leads evaporate (1978, 2011) and are not at all assuming a division crown. Whether or not the 'Sale-free' Red Sox can take this series from the Indians will tell us a lot about how this race will ultimately play out. Be careful. To paraphrase Pulp Fiction's Winston Wolfe—don't start polishing up the Duck Boats just yet.