Thursday, July 12, 2018

REPORT: MLB Scout Says Manny Machado Not Going To Yankees Or Red Sox

(Getty Images)
There are so many conflicting reports on the destination of Manny Machado that you have to almost label it all "fake news". The latest cites a "long-time major league scout" (whatever the hell that means) who claims Machado won't be dealt to Boston or New York. Here's what the "scout" said about the Red Sox chances, "I've seen their farm system all the way down to low-A and I just don't know what the Red Sox have to move to go get a Machado. I hear they're interested in Machado. But they have no chance unless they move Rafael Devers, who's starting at third for them, and every top minor-league prospect they've got. And all of them are so far away in the low minors that it's unbelievable. Bottom line, the Red Sox don't have enough to go out and get Machado, and it's not close based on what I've seen." Where does this seam-head seer see the Baltimore super-star going? Of course, there no solid answer: maybe the Dodgers (although they don't want to give up any of their top three prospects), maybe Milwaukee (but who the heck wants to go there?) and maybe the Phillies (which we think is the likeliest landing spot). The bottom-line is nobody really knows what former Red Sox GM Dan Duquette is thinking down there in Charm City—with his team flailing around at the 26-win level in mid-July. He needs to get some value out of Machado before he flees to parts unknown this off-season.