Wednesday, July 18, 2018

National Hot Dog Day Again Dawns Across America, Celebrate Appropriately

Few national "mini" holidays resonate so completely with Americans as National Hot Dog Day—which happens today, July 18th. Deals abound, like the $1 'Big Bite' dogs at 7Eleven. Unfortunately, there are no MLB games played today, so one of the nation's most popular wiener venues is unavailable to us. We suggest a delayed celebration. The next time you visit Fenway Park, have two Fenway Franks—one for tomorrow, one just for today (with apologies to Jim Morrison). By the way, the hot dogs featured at Fenway are served the way franks are supposed to be served—boiled in water and placed gently on a non-toasted bun. For comparative purposes, what you get at The Concrete Bunker On 161st Street in the Bronx is foil-wrapped, grilled dreck that might as well have been cooked a week before. It's dry, shriveled, burnt and literally inedible. But, hey, it's New York, what do you expect? In any event, observe National Hot Dog Day in your own special way, America! Enjoy!