Thursday, July 19, 2018

MannyWood Being (New) MannyWood As Machado Dons LA Dodger Blue

(MannyWood II)
As we passed along to you yesterday, the Manny Machado trade did in fact come down five Dodger prospects going east to Camden Yards (although, to be honest, we didn't get all the prospects right). There will now be a new MannyWood on the Left Coast to replace the one named for former Red Sox icon Manny Ramirez. More importantly, the serious upgrade Machado brings to The Sons Of Dave Roberts suggests that we might be meeting up with the former Baltimore superstar again in late October. Whatever "bad blood" still exits between the Red Sox and Macahdo (for the Dustin Pedroia spiking and other issues) could be played out on a much larger stage in the 2018 Fall Classic. The Dodgers came frustratingly close to a ring last year and are clearly making a push to win it all this season. Can you image the drama of a Sox-Dodgers confrontation? Bring it on!