Monday, July 23, 2018

Godzilla: King Of The Monsters Movie Trailer Seems To Be Set At Fenway Park

The trailer for the new Godzilla movie (which is not actually arriving until next May) looks like it opens on top of Fenway Park's roof. A frightened character watches as "something wicked scary this way comes" toward Yawkey Way (or whatever we're calling the team's address these days). If you look carefully, you can see the CITGO sign off in Kenmore Square—as well as the Prudential and John Hancock buildings. By the way, does anybody call the Hancock "200 Clarendon Street"? We didn't think so. We're not quite sure, but it looks as if America's Most Beloved Ballpark gets smoked by the big lizard's arrival into town. While this would obviously be very unfortunate—at least the trendy "Fenway Farms" rooftop herb garden would be vaporized. Thanks, Godzilla! You can see the whole trailer HERE.