Wednesday, July 25, 2018

FenwayNation Partners With Player's Union For 'Infield Chatter' Program

The readers of FenwayNation will be able to directly interact with their favorite MLB players—thanks to a new partnership between our website and the Major League Baseball Players Association. Through the FREE Infield Chatter app, fans can get a behind-the-scenes look at life in The Show. After joining the Infield Chatter community, members will enjoy special features designed to connect players and fans in a number of ways, including: Sharing photos, videos, and original artwork, with the ability from both sides to comment. There are also regular video chats, where fans and players can conduct two-way Q&A sessions. Members can participate in contests and competitions, where fans can win player-autographed and other unique items. Think of it as a form of MLB "Twitter" without the politics and cat videos—and an even better two-way interaction function! By clicking the exclusive FenwayNation link, you can download the free app and be part of the Infield Chatter community—talking directly to your favorite Red Sox (and other) players. To join, just click HERE!