Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Dustin Pedroia Backs Off Previous Idea Of Returning To Action This Season

You can pretty much forget about seeing Dustin Pedroia play again in 2018. We've felt this for a while, but now Pedroia himself refuses to commit to playing this season. Said The Laser Show today, "If I get this thing MRI'd in four or five weeks and it's fully healed, then I'll play this year. If they MRI it in five weeks and it's three quarters of the way healed, then I probably won't. You can't do anything about time." The Muddy Chicken is heading back to Arizona to continue the rehab process on his knee—relieving the day-to-day burden on the Red Sox medical staff. Pedroia, who will turn 35-years-old in August, was able to play just three games after coming off the disabled list in May of this year. Realistically, we should look forward to his return during Spring Training 2019. This cold, harsh reality may shift the focus of Dave Dombrowski to once again look for a solid second-base replacement for Pedroia—like former Red Sox IF Jed Lowrie.