Friday, July 27, 2018

Bullpen Needs Painfully Evident After Gut-Wrenching, 2-1 Loss To Twinkies

(Getty Images)
Sure, the Red Sox only got a total of five hits. Sure they loaded the bases three times and scored just once—leaving a total of eight men on base. But, the real culprit is last night's extremely painful 2-1 loss to Minnesota was the completely unreliable set-up guys in the bullpen. After Brian Johnson soldiered his way through 5.2 scoreless innings, the relief corps basically gave the game away. Heath Hembree pitched one inning and gave up the tying run. Then, Matt Barnes followed up with 1.1 innings—coughing up the run that clinched victory for the Twins. Dave Dombrowski needs to get the 'bridge' to Craig Kimbrel in here now. Next on the "most frustrating list" for this game was Rafael Devers swinging at the first pitch with the bases loaded—popping up to left to essentially kill the rally in the very first inning. Everyone on planet Earth knew Devers would swing at the first pitch—including the Twins hurler. Unacceptable. The whole game was pretty much unacceptable—especially since the lead in the AL East was cut to just 4.5 games.