Monday, July 30, 2018

Both Red Sox And Rockies Have Called Cardinals About Closer Bud Norris

(Getty Images)
With a bullpen piece still missing—one that could be last piece of a potential championship puzzle—the Red Sox have inquired about Cardinals closer Bud Norris. The 33-year-old is on a one-year contract and has caused some friction in the St. Louis bullpen. Nevertheless, he has converted 20 of 23 save opportunities this season—and carries a pretty decent 3.14 ERA. His strikeout-to-walk ratio is the best of his career (6.88:1). If the Cardinals pull the trigger on this deal, they will essentially be signaling that they are not serious contenders for the post-season. It's expected that Norris would only require a "medium"-sized haul in prospects/players to get a deal done. Reportedly, the Colorado Rockies are also interested in the right-hander. Stay tuned!