Friday, June 15, 2018

This Is Not A Joke—The Red Sox Now Have An Official Restroom Sponsor

(Photo by Brad Pretzer)
We're starting to think this whole sponsorship thing has gone too far. John Henry, in his effort to squeeze every penny he can out of the Red Sox brand, has been relentless in securing as many sponsors as possible. But this is ridiculous. In a press release yesterday, Cintas Corporation announced that they will now be "the official restroom sponsor of Fenway Park and will stock the soap dispensers within the ballpark's 28 restrooms". Our first thought is: Wow, Fenway has 28 restrooms? Then how come there's a continuous line in every one to get to the "services" therein? Of course, some of us here at FenwayNation are old enough to remember the "troughs" at Fenway—forcing men to engage in medieval bathroom practices. Still, I'm not sure I'd want to associate with the generally sloppy and dirty "lavatories" in America's oldest ballpark. A spokesperson for Cintas actually said this, "We have decades of experience in helping stadiums, arenas and other large venues create clean and welcoming environments for guests. We’re proud to service Fenway Park and the hundreds of thousands of restroom visitors it receives each year." Hell, yeah!