Friday, June 1, 2018

Sox Season Ticket-Holders Will Get Access To 2019 London 'Home' Games

In a Friday interview with "The Athletic", team CEO Sam Kennedy revealed that Red Sox season-ticket holders will have access to tickets for the two "home" games against the Yankees in London one year from now. The back-door acknowledgement came during the explanation of how losing two 2019 home games is a good thing. Said Kennedy, "We like the concept of being the home team in London because we have connections with Liverpool and we have a London office so we get certain rights and benefits as the home team over there, our season ticket holders will have the opportunity to get tickets, our sponsors will have access to the games, so we like some of the benefits of being the home team." We're sure that season-ticket-holders are thrilled to hear that they can spend thousands of dollars to fly to London to see two exhausted teams battle it out in a non-baseball venue. The convoluted logic that the Red Sox are fine with the home team designation because they have a soccer connection in Liverpool is laughable. Oh well, whether its called Yawkey Way or Jersey Street, the tradition of NOG (New Ownership Group) double-talk goes on unabated.