Sunday, June 17, 2018

'Raiders Of The Lost Offense' Back, Waste Gem By Wright, Fall To M's, 1-0

(Getty Images)
What is it with this team? One night, the 1927 Yankees, the next night, the 2018 Orioles. Boston was shutout yesterday, 1-0—on a pathetic 2-hit performance (one of which was by Mookie Betts to lead off the game). Wasted in the loss was another brilliant outing by knuckle-baller Steven Wright—who went seven solid innings, giving up just one earned run. Wright's ERA on the year is now a minuscule 1.23. There really is nothing else to say. this was another stinker in a disturbing number of stinkers this season—way too many for a team that is so talented. Boston dropped further behind The Evil Ones in the AL East after this important loss.