Sunday, June 10, 2018

'Raiders Of The Lost Offense' Fall To Pathetic White Sox Again, Lose, 5-2

(Getty Images)
Against two of the crappiest teams in the American League (Detroit and Chicago), the Red Sox just split a home-stand 3-3. That is completely unacceptable for a team that pretends to have post-season ambitions. In losing two-of-three to The Pale Hose, Boston hitters were an unforgivable .186. And not having Mookie Betts around is not a good enough excuse. For some reason, The Carmine Hose have collectively forgotten how to hit. As a result, The Evil Ones have overtaken them and are on pace to blow them away in the division (113 wins to 108). Fans can be all 'pollyannish' if they choose, but the season is slipping away to Wild Card status—and fast. Rick Porcello was his typical (annoyingly) borderline effective again—walking in a run and issuing a lead-off walk that resulted in another run in the eventual 5-2 loss. Other than than, he was 'fine'—going six innings and giving up two earned runs. But, still—not ace-like at all. The whole roster seems to be sleep-walking—sleepwalking into oblivion.