Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Muddy Chicken Will Visit Medical Specialist When Red Sox Are In New York

(Getty Images)
More bad news on Dustin Pedroia. As of this morning, The Laser Show has not yet resumed baseball activities since he returned to the disabled list after just three games back in the line-up. The recovery process from off-season knee cartilage restoration surgery is clearly not progressing well. According to manager Alex Cora, "He’s had good days where he comes in, ‘I feel great,’ and then the next day it’s not a great day. So we’re looking for him to have three or four days in a row that he feels good. It’s frustrating for everybody, especially for him, but at the same time, we’ll take our time. Hopefully when he comes back, it’s for the rest of the season. And also, I think we have to make sure he’s OK the rest of his career." Now, it's been revealed that Pedroia will visit with Dr. Riley Williams III of the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York when the Sox visit Baghdad-On-The-Hudson.  Clearly, Boston's trade deadline decision-making has to take into account the health status of their 34-year-old second-baseman.