Wednesday, June 6, 2018

MLB Caves In To Yankee Request To Change Game Time For July 8th Contest

(Getty Images)
In case you thought that Major League Baseball didn't still kowtow to the Yankees—think again. Commissioner Rob Manfred (who we generally like) caved in to a "request" by The Bronx Embalmers to move the start time for a game on July 8th at Toronto from 8PM to 1PM. Why? Because fragile little Yankees like Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton have to play a double-header the next day in Baltimore. Boo-hoo! Tough noogies—welcome to the realities of re-scheduling games after crappy Spring weather. The game was originally scheduled for 1PM, but was moved last week after being chosen as a featured game on ESPN. Said Yankee manager Aaron (F.) Boone, "Just really grateful to him [Manfred] and to ESPN and to the Yankees and all the people involved that, I think, clearly, ended up doing the right thing here in considering the product and player safety and all those kinds of things." Give us a freaking break! There is no way that MLB would bend to any similar wishes of—say—the Red Sox. We don't care about contrived Yankee inconveniences, and Manfred shouldn't either.