Monday, June 18, 2018

Manny Machado Sweeps May Come Down To A Sox-Yankees Battle Royale

(Getty Images)
As the chatter about Manny Machado coming to Boston intensified over the weekend, it also became evident that the pursuit of the Oriole superstar could come down to a battle between the Red Sox and Yankees. Reports indicate that The Evil Ones would be prepared to—essentially—swap out Didi Gregorius for Machado. This, after multiple reports indicated that Boston would consider moving Rafael Devers for Machado (and maybe a relief pitcher as well from Baltimore). So, which way would Oriole GM (and former Red Sox executive ) Dan Duquette lean? Forget about loyalty to The Carmine Hose—Duquette's summary firing by the NOG still stings. But, on balance, an under-control 21-year-old budding star (Devers) would trump a 28-year-old making over $8 million and becoming arbitration-eligible next year (Gregorius). Stay tuned!