Friday, June 1, 2018

Chris Sale, It's National Donut Day, Can You Throw One Tonight In Houston?

It's National Donut Day in America. According to a survey of 1,000 customers nationwide, the 'Glazed' donut is the country #1 favorite—chosen by 45% of respondents. 'Boston Creams' came in a distant second at 17%, followed by our all-time favorite—the classic 'Jelly' (12%). So, in honor of this hallowed day, we humbly beseech tonight's Red Sox starter Chris Sale to throw a "donut" at the World Series Champion Astros: you know, no runs at all, a big zero. The Carmine Hose are in need of a win over these guys, and Sale is just the guy to do it. We're not particular as to what type of donut Sale tosses—'glazed', 'powdered', 'Boston Creme'—whatever, as long as it resembles a goose-egg.