Monday, June 25, 2018

Hanley Ramirez Claims It's His Choice That He Hasn't Yet Signed With A Team

(Getty Images)
A day after the Boston Globe (owned by Red Sox principal John Henry) reported that Hanley Ramirez was not being "eyed" in a federal drug investigation, the former Boston 1B/DH tweeted a response to the entire situation. In the response, he suggested that a more than month-long absence from Major League Baseball was his own choice—allowing him to spend time with his family in the Dominican Republic. He also expressed gratitude toward those who he said, "resisted spreading the reckless, misleading reports." Any MLB team can sign Ramirez for the veteran minimum—with the Red Sox paying the balance of his pro-rated 2018 salary of $22 million. From the beginning of this story, the Red Sox have consistently stated that a.) they knew nothing of a supposed federal drug investigation and 2.) that the release of Ramirez was based solely on baseball considerations. Stay tuned, there is likely to be a lot more that comes out on this story in the days ahead.