Thursday, June 21, 2018

Bad Omen? Not One Red Sox Player Was Ever Born On First Day Of Summer

They are supposed to be "The Boys Of Summer". And yet, not one single person born on Summer's first day has ever played for the Red Sox. Think about it, in 112 seasons, nobody who ever wore Carmine Hose was born on June 21st. The Pinstriped Posers have had five players born on the first day of Summer—and the Cubbies have had five as well. There is a Luis Rivera born on this day—but, alas, it is not our Luis Rivera, but some pitcher. Now, we have to say—the cast of MLB characters who have been born on June 21st is not all that impressive—in fact, not one single Hall Of Fame player. The best of the lot is probably Rick Sutcliffe—who at least was a Cy Young winner, Rookie Of The Year and three-time All-Star. But, again, not one single Red Sox player. This does not bode well for the remainder of this season—with Boston already two games out on the Summer Solstice itself. Come on, they're "The Boys Of Summer", we're supposed to have multiple players born today. You may call this silly superstition—but, hey, this is the Red Sox we're talking about, folks.