Monday, June 11, 2018

"A-Gone" For A-Gon After His Release Yesterday By New York Metropolitans?

(Getty Images)
It may be the end of the road for 36-year-old former Red Sox first-baseman Adrián González. The Mets gave A-Gon his unconditional release yesterday—allowing any team in MLB to sign him. However, his dismal performance with the Mets—and his overall poor showing at the plate the last two years—make it very unlikely anyone will take the plunge. If indeed this is the end for González, he had a pretty darned good career. In 15 MLB seasons, he hit .287 with 317 HRs and 1,202 RBIs. González slugged .485 and posted an .843 career OPS. It seemed that Boston lusted after González for years, before finally trading Anthony Rizzo for him (yes, that Anthony Rizzo) in December of 2010. During his two seasons in Boston, González was really good—hitting .321 with 42 HRs and 203 RBIs. He was really the only valuable "sweetener" in The Great Punto Trade to the Dodgers in August of 2012. Hopefully, some other team will allow him to extend his career a little longer.