Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Top Five Things To Look For In Red Sox Series Against The Bronx Embalmers

There are so many story lines that will play out in this upcoming series between the Red Sox and Yankees that you'll need a scorecard to keep track of them (see what we did there?). Anyway, here (in no particular order) are our choices for the Top Five Things To Look For In The Three Games At The Concrete Bunker On 161st Street:

1.) Will Boston's 'Sale-Free' starting rotation have enough to quiet the behemoths in the Yankee line-up? This is particularly true of tonight's starter, Drew Pomeranz, who is teetering between restored competence and a complete meltdown;

2.) Will 21-year-old Yankee 2B Gleyber Torres adapt well to his first exposure to the rivalry—as did Rafael Devers? Torres looks to be the real deal—hitting .327 in just 15 games and already contributing a walk-off HR;

3.) Will Mookie Betts be healthy enough to play in all three games, and, if so, will he be the story of the series? Given his pace so far, Mookie could steal the thunder from NY's twin towers and quiet the front-running Yankee "faithful";

4.) Will Joe Kelly come into a game disguised as 'Jim Buchanan' and still plunk Tyler Austin? We can only hope.

5.) Can the Red Sox score early and often enough to avoid facing the killer end of the Yankee bullpen? If Aaron (F.) Boone can shorten these games by overwhelming Boston hitters in the 7th, 8th and 9th, it could be a long three contests.