Thursday, May 3, 2018

Some See Mookie Betts At The Top Of The Order As A Red Sox "Problem"

We are Red Sox fans—so, by definition, we're never satisfied. Our team is in first place, but we see the Evil Empire just two games back and we worry. We watch Mookie Betts launch three HRs in a game, realize he's leading MLB in HRs with 11, and we still have a problem. The issue? Nine of Mookie's eleven HRs have been solo shots. Why? Well, from the lead-off spot, the hitters ahead of him (7,8,9) are barely Little League quality this year, so no one is ever on base when gets up to the plate. Sure, he gets more at-bats at the top spot in the order, but—as a legitimate slugger—maybe he should have an opportunity to drive in more runs a few spots lower down. Alex Cora has said Mookie will remain his lead-off hitter the whole year, so it's kinda moot anyway. Again, these are Red Sox fan 'problems'—unlike any others in baseball. It's what we do.