Thursday, May 31, 2018

Roger Clemens Will Once Again Join The WEEI Red Sox Broadcast Tonight

(Getty Images)
UPDATE: Deranged Rocket—"I did it the right way'.
Frankly, we're not sure how we feel about it, but former Red Sox pitcher Roger Clemens will be featured on tonight's WEEI radio broadcast from Houston. After 13 seasons in Boston, Clemens fled to Toronto as a free agent at the end of the 1996 season. And, miraculously, he won two straight Cy Young Awards—more than doubling the win total in his final Red Sox season in both 1997 and 1998. How curious—a 35-year-old gets exponentially better overnight. Hmm. We all know the stories swirling around Roger's substance issues—and his time with The Evil Ones doesn't help our evaluation of him (although, to be fair, he was traded to Baghdad-On-The-Hudson). Nevertheless, we still have a wicked bad taste in our mouth about The Rocket—despite his outstanding "pre-substance" achievements in Carmine Hose. We'll listen tonight—reluctantly.