Thursday, May 31, 2018

Red Sox 2004 ALCS Legend Dave Roberts Turns Forty-Six-Years-Old Today

"The Slide" (Getty Images)
In case you didn't already believe that everything is about the Red Sox, consider the fact that Manny Ramirez and Dave Roberts were born just one day apart back in 1972. Tell me the stars were not aligned that week. Today, Roberts—the stolen base hero of 2004's ALCS Game Four—turns 46-years-old. He is now skippering the Los Angeles Dodgers Of Chavez Ravine, but in our hearts, he will always be sporting Carmine Hose. "The Slide" could be the most iconic and important play in all of Red Sox history. Without it (and the brilliant walk by Kevin Millar that preceded it and the sharp RBI single by Bill Mueller that followed it ), there might still be a "curse" on our beloved franchise. Alas, Roberts was safe and the rest is history. He was only here for 45 games and the '04 post-season, but his mark is, and will remain, eternal. Happy birthday, Dave!