Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Both Mookie Betts And Mike Trout Pick 'Runs Scored' As Their Favorite Stat

(Getty Images)
If both Mookie Betts and Mike Trout agree on something—anything—you should probably take it to the bank. Arguably the two best outfielders in the game responded similarly to a poll conducted by MLB on players' preferred stats. Betts and Trout were among only four position players who picked runs scored as their favorite stat. OPS was the top choice of those voting, followed by on-base percentage, RBIs and then runs scored. Trout's comment on his choice was simple, but elegant (kind of like the way he plays), "That's big from an offensive side." Mookie's was a little more elaborate, but still simple and to the point, "You score runs to win games. That's how you do it." Yup. You can view the full results among players and pitchers HERE.