Friday, April 27, 2018

Yoan Moncada Is Now Reaching His Potential In That Other Pair Of Hosiery

(Getty Images)
No one would even consider questioning the trade that sent former top Red Sox prospect Yoan Moncada to The Pale Hose for Chris Sale. And they shouldn't. After all, Sale has been too good and too important to the success of The Carmine Hose. Still, it's a little gnawing to see how explosively successful Moncada is becoming this season. Just yesterday, he went 3-5 with a lead-off HR. In just 101 plate appearances on the year, he's now hitting .264, with six HRs, 12 RBIs and four stolen bases. He's also playing a very slick second base defensively. Clearly, the Red Sox knew the kid was a "can't miss" blue-chipper—which is what they needed to surrender to get a Cy Young-calibre pitcher like Sale. No regrets—just a little wistful disappointment.