Thursday, April 12, 2018

Yankee Cheap-Shot Continuation Of The Long Legacy Of Pinstriped Punkdom

What's all this talk about a "re-kindled" Red Sox-Yankee rivalry? For most of us, the "rivalry" never died. It may have been dormant for a few seasons here and there, but underneath the surface, the same hatred boiled. Yeah, I said it—hatred. From Thurman Munson to Reggie Jackson to Joba "The Mutt" Chamberlain to Alex Rodriguez to Tyler Austin, New York's American League franchise has consistently put a series of punks on the playing field. There have been some exceptions—Derek Jeter played the game right (although he was wildly over-rated); Brett Gardner is a true gamer; and Aaron Judge is an admirable and extremely talented individual. Otherwise, from ownership right down to the fans—they are a despicable lot. Last night's cheap-shot spiking of Brock Holt is just the latest in a long litany of provocative acts by Pinstriped Posers over the years. History matters. Bring it on.