Thursday, April 5, 2018

Tom Werner On WEEI Radio: The Red Sox Do Not Have A Likability Problem

(Getty Images)
According to one Red Sox owner—Tom "I'm Loving The Roseanne Re-Boot" Werner—your 2018 Carmine Hose do not have a likability problem. Appearing on WEEI Radio's OMF Show today, Werner stated the following, "I respect people who said last year there was a likability problem. But as a fan, I was really enjoying the team. There were a lot of come from behind victories –– I think we were 15-3 in extra-inning games –– I saw a lot of young and emerging talent. That’s not to put my head in the sand and say there were no problems last year. We all know some of the more celebrated problems. But I thought, and I do think, it’s an enjoyable and likable team. In the end, if we have a competitive and winning team, people will embrace it. We’re off to a great start in the ratings. I don’t want to hang my hat on the ratings, but the ratings are up. People love baseball. I respect you for what you’re saying, but I don’t see it the same way." It's kind of sad that "Hollywood Tom" sees the Red Sox world through ratings-colored glasses.