Monday, April 9, 2018

Red Sox Move Into Second Spot, Behind 'Stros, In ESPN's Power Rankings

After their blistering 8-1 start (the first such start in franchise history), the Red Sox moved into second spot (behind the #1 ranked Astros) in this week's ESPN MLB Power Rankings. Somehow, the .500 Bronx Embalmers are listed in the third spot, followed by the Washington Nationals in fourth and the Chicago Cubs in fifth. Boston's second-place standing is a five-slot jump from ESPN's pre-season ranking—which listed them in seventh position. The other teams in the AL East fare thusly: Toronto Blue Jays (14), Baltimore Orioles (20), Tampa Bay Rays (25). Rounding out the ranking at the very bottom are the Miami Marlins—one of the Florida victims of the Red Sox hot start.