Monday, April 2, 2018

New Ownership Group Takes Elitism To New Heights With Vineyard Vines Deal

You may think that we go a little too far in our criticisms of the NOG (New Ownership Group). You know, the out-of-touch, out-of-towners who are currently temporary custodians of the Red Sox brand? Our charges of elitism were not helped much by the announcement that clothing line vineyard vines has been designated as the "Official Style" of the Red Sox and Fenway Park. Official Style? Really? So when the 'beautiful people' get into their chauffeur-driven limos to drive up to Fenway from Woods Hole (after docking their yachts there), they can don a "whimsical" whale logo tie and feel really at home. In addition to foisting their dumb clothing line on fans, vineyard vines also "will activate Fenway's Rooftop Sessions, a pre-game concert series on the Strega Deck." Just what the average fan from Southie or Somerville is looking for. What a load of crap.