Wednesday, April 25, 2018

NESN "Apologises" To Viewers For Screw-Up At The End Of Last Night's Loss

Far be it from us to pile on when one of our favorite targets messes up—yet again. But, it did seem rather comical that New England Sports Network (AKA 'NESN') was forced to apologize for screwing up royally on the telecast of last night's 4-3 Red Sox loss in Toronto. Curtis Granderson's walk-off HR in the 10th inning wasn't seen by NESN viewers—which you could argue was a public service the way the Red Sox have been playing lately. Here's the actual mea culpa: "NESN apologizes about the technical glitch that happened on-air last night at the conclusion of the Red Sox game in Toronto; the network regrets the inconvenience caused to viewers." We have long argued that NESN (owned by John Henry) is a third-rate regional sports network—with endless technical glitches and mindless programming. On top of everything, they don't even have a SuperSloMo capability for their baseball telecasts. Even rinky-dink networks in the boonies of America have SuperSloMo. Shameful. Thank goodness for NESN's one saving grace—Jerry Remy!