Sunday, April 22, 2018

Jugger-NOT! Red Sox No-Hit By No-Name Oakland Hurler, Fall To A's, 3-0

Chris Sale on the mound, and eight-game win streak behind you, and the Oakland A's your opponent. Slam dunk, right? Wrong Tree Rollins-Breath! The mighty Red Sox offense took the night off on Saturday, allowing the immortal Sean Manaea to no-hit them. No-hit them! The Red Sox haven't been no-hit before this in 25 years. Did anyone see this puppy coming down the lane? Sale was mediocre (for him), giving up three earned runs over seven innings—striking out ten ad giving up a HR. But, it didn't matter, The Carmine Hose did not have their hitting shoes on—in fact, they may have been shoe-less altogether.  Red Sox batters struck out ten times—Jackie Bradley, Jr. 3, Hanley Ramirez 2, J.D. Martinez 2, Rafael Devers 2 and Tzu-Wei Lin 1. The 3-0 loss drops their record to 17-3—still epically good, but efforts like this make you wonder.