Friday, March 30, 2018

Red Sox Owner Tom Werner Doubles-Down On Roseanne Success

In its first network television run, Red Sox owner Tom Werner was a key player in the huge success of the Roseanne sitcom. Now, he is also involved in the "re-boot" of that series—which garnered 18 million viewers in its debut this week. Roseanne's character—and Roseanne Barr herself—supports President Trump, who called the actress to congratulate her on the solid ratings. Said Werner, "I’m happy the president called Roseanne. Part of what we’re trying to do with this show is generate a conversation about the economic struggles of the Conner family. There’s no doubt one reason Trump was successful in places like Pennsylvania and Michigan and Wisconsin is because there were working-class voters who wanted to see change." Considering Werner's well-known political views—and his partner John Henry's for that matter—that's quite "deplorable" of him. So to speak.