Thursday, March 29, 2018

Red Sox Look Like Legit Contenders On Opening Day

Putting aside all the fan-boy stuff, your 2018 edition of The Carmine Hose should have a legitimate shot at a World Series title. Clearly, the Houston Astros are still the class of the American League, and they have actually upgraded their 2017 World Series Championship team. The Evil Ones, of course, have added the top HR hitter in the major leagues. And, Terry Francona's Indians are still a formidable force. But, the addition of J.D. Martinez will likely have a transformational impact up and down the Boston lineup—allowing younger players to relax and perform to their potential. Moreover, both David Price and Rick Porcello seem poised to have solid seasons—making Chris Sale all the more dominant. It's hard to not see at least a Wild Card berth for this team—and possibly a lot more. Play ball!