Monday, March 26, 2018

Red Sox Among 'Select Seven' In CBS Power Rankings

Matt Snyder of has come out with his 2018 MLB Power Rankings and the Red Sox are right in the thick of things. Snyder identified seven power teams that he considers head-and-shoulders above the rest. They are: 1.) Houston Astros, 2.) Chicago Cubs, 3.) New York Yankees, 4.) Boston Red Sox, 5.) Washington Nationals, 6.) Los Angeles Dodgers and 7.) Cleveland Indians. All things being equal, we'd have to say that Snyder is 'spot-on' with his rankings—and certainly any one of the "Super Seven" could win the World Series if all things fall into place. The other AL East teams rank in the following order: 11.) Toronto Blue Jays, 20.) Baltimore Orioles,  23.) Tampa Bay Rays. Let the games begin!